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Do you regularly choose a #WOTY (aka "word of the year")? Doing so has not been my typical practice over the years. However, last year it was really on my heart to choose a word or intention for the year 2020. The one I settled on was "VOICE". I ordered a #WOTY necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs with this word stamped on it. I would say that most days of 2020 this little charm turned talisman hung above my heart, reminding me that my voice matters and to not fear using it.

As I mentioned yesterday, 2020 gave me some unexpected opportunities for growth, discernment and reflection. The political climate of our country this past year also spawned a lot of questioning and, to be honest, a tendency towards negativity in both my thoughts and words.

I have spent several weeks thinking about what "word of the year" feels right for 2021. The word "voice" continues to feel important to me both personally and on a collective humanity level. However, I don't believe that we need to abandon one intention for the next shiny resolution. I will continue to use my voice with courage and certainty going forward.

Throughout my weeks of consideration, the phrase "show up" kept pressing itself upon me. I pushed back a little, "That's a PHRASE, not a WORD." Silly human! Who makes up these rules? Ummm ......... I do. My life. My intention. Heck, I could have a 5,000 word manifesto for 2021 if I freaking want to, right?!

So there you have it, folks. "SHOW UP" is my intention going forward into the new year. No turning back now, Lisa Leonard is already working on my new #WOTY necklace. When it arrives, I'll share a photo and also shed some more light and insight on why this particular pairing of words fits me just right for 2021.

Happy New Year, friends!

How do you plan to show up? What's your #WOTY for 2021? Share in the comments section..... I look forward to reading your thoughts. #showup

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