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#WHOW (Women Helping Other Women) Wednesday

Greetings!! Welcome to the first edition of #WHOWWednesday here at Laura Loves to Learn.

A big impetus for starting this blog was to create a space to share causes and organizations that I find impactful and meaningful.

Today I'm thrilled to tell you about Dining For Women. DFW's mission statement is simple, yet strong:

Dining for Women cultivates the collective power of community to achieve global gender equality.

I learned about DFW during the pandemic when I was home with extra time on my hands. I was immediately impressed by their model of a "global giving community" and the impact it can have through funding "boots on the ground" projects around the world that elevate women and girls towards their fullest potential.

In a nutshell, here's how it works. Imagine (prior to a global pandemic) that you go out to dinner with your girlfriends once a month. Each time you meet at a nice restaurant for food and drinks, spending around $25+. Now imagine donating that amount once a month to help other women around the world ....... that's Dining For Women!!!

Each month, DFW funds two grantees, a Featured Grantee (a project that hasn't received prior funding from DFW) and a Sustained Grantee (a project that is receiving additional or continued funding). DFW provides information (printed and video/visual) about the projects so chapter members can learn more about exactly what the needs are and how their donation will help meet those needs.

For January 2021, the Featured Grantee is the BARKA Foundation in Burkina Faso. Click HERE to learn about the Foundation and this project, which seeks funding to provide menstrual cups for women so they can pursue their educational and economic goals and become fully participating members of their community.

The Sustained Grantee for January 2021 is Integrate Health in Togo, West Africa.

Click HERE to read more about this project which seeks funding to continue a highly successful campaign to employ, train and deploy female Community Health Workers to provide integrated primary healthcare in neglected communities.

(It's a fun coincidence that in the month I'm launching a DFW chapter, Togo will receive grant funding AND I just added a new side business with Francis & Benedict, also based in Togo!)

I am SO excited to be launching a Dining For Women chapter right here in southwest Iowa/Metro Omaha this month! ANYONE is welcome to come learn more with me!! Please comment or message me if you'd like to be part of this amazing group. I love learning about and thinking about women all over the world. Their resilience and strength inspire me. I am grateful to be in a position to help them in this way.

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