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Do I look official and "teachery"? I snapped a couple of quick photos during my plan period to prove that I DID wear this outfit to work! Other photos were snapped at home.

Today my ethical fashion game was ON POINT. How? Let me tell you.

Earrings from Trades of Hope: Made in Cambodia by survivors of acid attacks using upcycled artillery shells that have been melted and reformed.

Audrey Top, also from Trades of Hope: Made in Nepal by women who have been rescued from sex trafficking.

Skirt from Francis & Benedict: Made in Togo, West Africa by women who are rising out of poverty through their work.

I had SO. MANY. little people (and some big ones) compliment me on this skirt today. It was fun to give a quick response like this, "Thanks! It was made in West Africa."

I love how the simple action of choosing what I wear allows me to plant seeds of thought about who makes our clothing, even in the minds of children. The fashion industry is one of the worst in terms of exploitation. For a true eye opener about "fast fashion", check out the movie, "True Cost".

Now that I am more educated about the negative human and environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and the positive impact of fair trade items, I am trying very hard to live in alignment with my values and minimize my participation in fast fashion.

Confession: Although I love to carefully choose my outfits, both for work and for play, wearing a full-length maxi skirt to work today was outside my comfort zone. I ALMOST chickened out and didn't wear it.

What pushed me to just DO IT was thinking about the woman who sewed it. That was the perfect shift in my mind. Of COURSE I can wear her beautiful (and extremely comfortable!) creation to work today! Of COURSE I can share it with my friends and colleagues.

"Fashion as a force for good" is a thing. A thing I am happy to embrace.

It also turns out that skirts are WAAAAAAAAAY more comfortable than pants! In fact, I wore yoga pants all day, and until I made a video confession to share, NO ONE EVEN KNEW IT!

Because I don't know about YOU, but after living in yoga pants from March-August 2020, real pants are on my naughty list. (See video below to fully experience my angst about wearing actual pants.)

AND............. perfect solution to the pants probs!!! MAXI SKIRT FOR THE WIN!!!! (See video below for PROOF!)

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