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It's hard to find adequate words to process all the emotion that was January 6, 2021 in America. I found myself feeling joy, rage, anger, shock, sadness, heart break and everything in between. It was a pretty exhausting day for most Americans.

As I found myself reeling and spinning, stuck in the overwhelming sea of my emotions, I had a thought that immediately helped me feel grounded and allowed me to shift perspective.

I was reminded that the United States isn't the center of the world or the universe. We are one small part of a greater whole.

Yesterday, while our nation's capital was attacked, mamas all over the world wondered how they will feed their babies.

Yesterday, while violence erupted in our divided political landscape, girls were held captive, their bodies used and abused by men in power over them.

Yesterday, while lives were lost during domestic terrorism in our country, millions of people were exploited and used for the profit of others.

And all of this will be on repeat today.

Our humanity is what connects us. My humanity allows me the capacity to feel soft and open to the suffering of others. My gift of compassion inspires me to look for the places where I can be light in the darkness.

It may not feel like one small human can make a difference, but I assure you, my friends. WE can. YOU can. Our collective actions create ripple effects that truly have impact.

Today, give yourself the grace to process all the feelings. But don't forget the opportunity here to look beyond yourself and your own limited perspective.

Where and how can you be a light? I'll meet you there.

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