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One top, 5 ways

I am super excited about this post. It gives me so much happiness to show you how you can have a huge impact on the world, both it's humans and the earth itself, simply through how you spend your shopping dollars!

Today I'll show you 5 ways to style a simple long sleeve black top. This top is called the Audrey Top and was made in Nepal by women overcoming human trafficking. It was designed by Elisabeth Huijskens, one of the Trades of Hope founders, and is manufactured by Elegantees, an ethical fashion brand that employs women in Nepal.

Before we get into the style gallery, I want to be upfront with you about something.

👂 Listen closely: You will pay MORE for fair trade clothing.

👂 Listen closely again. You SHOULD pay more for fair trade clothing.

When an item of clothing is inexpensive, at first glance it seems like a great deal, right? Well, it IS a great deal for the person purchasing it. However, this "great deal" comes at great cost to SOMEONE somewhere.

It's quite likely that the "true cost" is carried by the factory worker who is paid meager wages and who works long hours in unsafe working conditions.

Today's post is all about giving you MOTIVATION and PERMISSION to support fair trade apparel companies, even though your purchase will cost more than something you could grab at Wal-Mart.

Your cost per wearing goes down if you can wear your clothing item with many other items in your wardrobe. This makes it a good investment. 💰

When it's time to replace your wardrobe basics (solid color shirts and layering pieces), consider shopping from companies that pay their workers fairly.

Okay, now for the fun!

Outfit #1: Jeans, Scarf, Hat, Earrings + Boots

For this ethical outfit, I'm wearing thrifted jeans (Thank you, Goodwill!), my fave boots from The Root Collective, fair trade scarf and earrings from Trades of Hope, and an adorable hat from Liv Brave AF. Just a few simple accessory additions take the basic t-shirt and jeans look to a whole new level. (Swipe to see all three views➡️)

Outfit #2: Skirt, Sandals, Necklace & Earrings

This Adenium Midi Skirt from Francis & Benedict begs for a solid top to balance out all the fun colors south of the border! Fun sandals from Swedish Hasbeens and a necklace and earrings from Trades of Hope create a look that's ready to make a statement.

Outfit #3: Baseball cap, Moto Jeggings, Sneakers & Earrings

This might be my favorite look! I am all about comfy. I really love the elegance of the fun puff sleeve of the top paired with my gray moto jeggings, sneakers/no socks, a ball cap from Trades of Hope (no longer available) and Trades of Hope earrings. SUPER cute!

Outfit #4: Linen pants, scarf, earrings, bracelet and flats

This outfit is the ultimate #memade #fairtrade mashup! WOOT! I made these comfy linen pants using the Oceanside Pants pattern from Blank Slate Patterns. Honestly, they are secret pajamas and quite literally the most comfortable pants I own. My scarf, earrings and bracelet are from Trades of Hope, and my gray leather flats are from The Root Collective.

Outfit #5: Circle skirt, heels, necklace & earrings

I saved this classy pairing for last! This time I've paired the Audrey Top with the Malala Skirt from Trades of Hope. Both of these pieces were made in Nepal by our artisan partners. The side view shows the very fun detail of an exposed zipper at the back. This is the most comfy and swirly-twirly skirt ever! The addition of my two jewelry pieces shoot this outfit into date night dimensions!

Hopefully this post has given you both motivation and inspiration for your ethical shopping journey! Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section. Can't wait to tally the "votes"!

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