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One skirt, 6 ways

The star of this show is my beautiful Courageous Maxi Skirt from Francis & Benedict.

This skirt is the first F&B maxi that I purchased. I loved the vibrant colors. However, I am going to be completely honest ......... I REALLY had to step out of my comfort zone to wear this out of the house for the first time.

It just seemed so BOLD and attention-grabbing. I love pulling together a great outfit, but for my elementary teaching gig this felt a little EXTRA. 😲

Turns out that both my fellow staff and students loved the skirt! I got many compliments. Outfit #1 is how I styled it for its maiden voyage out of the house to my teaching job. 🎒

Conversely, I have never been MORE comfortable in an outfit at work. I wore black leggings under the skirt all day, and it was a complete dream! After many months in leggings and yoga pants during the closures, I am NOT enjoying wearing actual pants anymore! Maxi skirt for the win!

I had so much fun creating this post for you. I enjoyed the process of shopping my own closet to see all the outfits I can create with this skirt.

Which one of these pairings is your favorite? Leave me a comment!

1. Classic black top, red accessories & black booties

Outfit details:

Black Audrey Top: Trades of Hope

Bracelet & Earrings: Trades of Hope

I'll be honest. When I ordered this skirt, this was the ONLY way I pictured wearing it. I really thought that I could only wear a solid black top with it!! Maybe that's why this is first way I styled it to wear out of house to work (NOTE: That's not a weird necklace; it's my name badge from work.)

Obviously (see below), I have figured out other ways to style this skirt, but this is such a classic pairing that I think it will be on repeat.

2. Graphic Tee, Jean Jacket & Converse

Outfit details:

T-shirt & earrings: Trades of Hope

Converse sneakers

Jean Jacket: Thrifted

I LOVE this outfit!!! It creates a completely different vibe to pair an inspiring graphic t-shirt and denim jacket with this skirt. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneakers with it!!! 🤩

3. ivory top, brown belt & cognac chelsea boots

Outfit details:

Ivory Top: Elegantees

Earrings: Trades of Hope

Boots: Nisolo

First of all, I am GAGA over this shirt from Elegantees. I love how it really gives a different feel to the whole silhouette to pull out the cream in the skirt and accessories with brown instead of black. I cannot wait to wear the skirt to work with these pieces. WOOT!!!

4. black graphic tee, red earrings & converse

Outfit details:

T-Shirt: Liv Brave Athletic Fashion

Earrings: Trades of Hope

Converse Sneakers

I think this Maxi skirt looks fantastic with shirts tucked in. When pulling this outfit together for the little photo shoot, in my mind I pictured this t-shirt tucked in. However, it really just doesn't work that way because you lose the text on the shirt, which is the major ba-da-bing!

So...... Plan B....... I tried it untucked......... and totally loved it!!! Again, a totally new look for the skirt and a little mathematical wizardry as the 1/3 to 2/3 proportions are more 50/50 here. Me likey!

5. teal sweater, ivory accessories & cognac chelsea boots

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Pact

Necklace & Earrings: Trades of Hope

Boots: Nisolo

This was a surprise!!! I didn't even know that I had a non-neutral top in my closet that would work with this skirt, but I really think it does work well. This sweater from Pact is so comfy. Pact has a solid sustainable and fair trade game. Highly recommend them for staple pieces.

6. red blouse & black heels

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Thrifted

Necklace: Lisa Leonard

Bracelets & Earrings: Trades of Hope

This post was originally going to be "One Skirt, 5 Ways".......... UNTIL.......I wore this pretty, flirty red blouse to work (with jeans) the day after I took all the skirt pics. At some point during the day it occurred to me that this blouse would pair beautifully with the skirt. So....... I staged another little photo shoot right after work.

I am such a thrifting fanatic........this little blouse set me back less than 4 bucks, but look how pretty it is with this skirt!!!

Well, if you're still reading, thanks for joining me on another sustainable, ethical fashion journey. It's so fun to see how one piece (either a wardrobe basic or statement item) can be combined with other pieces in so many creative ways!!

I challenge you to go forth and play with your clothes! It's fun!

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