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My Five Faves

For a fun and light post, I'd like to share 5 things I'm loving right now, in no particular order.

1. My cordless & waterless essential oil diffuser

Over my winter break from school I did some rearranging. I set up a workspace in my craft closet. In addition to adding twinkle lights, faux plants (there are no windows) and a candle, I wanted to be able to infuse essential oils in the space.

One problem: no outlets!!

I found this little cutie on Amazon (of course! I still can't totally break up with Amazon!), and am loving it in this space! It runs on 2 AA batteries and has a little fan inside. Drops of oils are placed on a felt pad which can be swapped out for a few other felt pads that came with it. I'm currently loving the combo of Lavender and Lemon.

2. My new Be Kind to Everyone Tie-Dye Shirt

I absolutely love Jordyn's Summer Shirt Project. In case you don't know about it yet, you MUST check it out RIGHT AWAY! Jordyn is 19 years old and has autism. Her family started their t-shirt business as a way for Jordyn to learn job skills. She packages every t-shirt and signs a card that goes in each order.

My first thing from this company was a pair of Be Kind joggers that I bought right when everything closed down last March. Then I pretty much lived in them for about 6 months!!

I love following Jordyn and her mom on Instagram. They pretty regularly hop on the 'gram and do a live video, usually swinging in their porch swing. This gives Jordyn practice with her communication skills. As a special education teacher, I have had many students with autism over the years. They are so near and dear to my heart.

AND...... I LOVE bright colors and tie-dye!! However, this is literally the FIRST brightly colored tie-dye clothing item I have ever owned!! I will be wearing it every day from now on. Promise. :-)

3. My adorable mini plant hanger

My virtual pal, Nikki Mans, has a fantastic Etsy shop where she sells these amazing little macrame plant hangers. I am IN. LOVE.

I ordered several of these to give as Christmas gifts, but I could NOT pass up keeping this pink one for me. Nikki will set you up with some fake succulents so you are good to go. If your climate can keep plants alive in your car, then of course you could add real plants.

Please go check out WHIMSYLove on Etsy. I used to make macrame stuff all the time when I was a tween. Nikki is giving me some inspo to give it a try again.

4. A pile of scraps from Francis & Benedict skirts

I am super excited to start my journey as an Advocate for Francis & Benedict. I got my kit with 5 skirts over the weekend and was so stoked to see this little pile of fabric scraps in the box!! Some of them are strips of fabric that match one of my skirts!

Advocating for and helping to empower these Togolese seamstresses is going to be a blast! Be sure to go check out my website at the link above.

5. Simply Earth January Recipe Box

I guess I've gotten a LOT of boxes in the mail lately. This last share is my Simply Earth January Recipe Box that arrived in the mail today. I have been intrigued by essential oils for a while now, but really didn't know what to do with them. In December I discovered the Simply Earth recipe box and promptly ordered it!

Here's what I love: I get all the ingredients (mostly) needed to make 6 different things using the oils. There is plenty of oil left over to diffuse or to use in different recipes.

There are labels already made for all the recipes in the box so I have something pretty to slap on my creations.

Simply Earth also donates a percentage of their profits back to organizations that fight human trafficking! I don't know if any other EO company that does that!

BONUS: This month's box fights B.O.! (Hatches secret plan to sneak this into the teenagers' bathroom.)

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