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If it breaks your heart...

How do you respond?

The more I learn about human suffering, the more my heart breaks.💔

An easy and understandable response is to feel overwhelmed which can lead to paralysis or inaction.

Honestly, how can one person have any impact on suffering that feels so heavy and widespread? 😔

When I feel overwhelmed by the hurts in the world 🌍 (and I often do), I try to remember the starfish story. You know the one......

Boy on a beach tossing the starfish back into the ocean, one by one. Man questions boy about how he can possibly be making a difference in light of the hundreds of starfish left. Boy tosses another starfish and says, "I made a difference to this one."

Friends, this is how it starts. Find how you can make a difference right where you are, one small action at a time.

Support organizations and companies that are trying to make a difference.

You know what? Those little actions add up.

This month I am donating 10% of my earnings through my Trades of Hope business to Our Daughters International, an organization that rescues women and girls who are trafficked at the border between Nepal and India.

Did you know.........

In many rural and isolated villages, girls are tricked, persuaded, forced, or sold into human trafficking. Sometimes they are promised a better life in a far away land only to end up in a brothel in India or in the Middle East. Their passports and travel documents are taken, leaving them isolated and unable to escape the nightmare. 😢

An estimated 25,000-35,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal to India and beyond each year. Nearly 80% will end up being sexually exploited.

Our Daughters International has counseled over 130K girls and women at the border between Nepal and India.

This has resulted in over 11K women and girls being rescued!!!

Their work is having a significant impact!

To learn more about the impact of this group, I'd like you to watch this video. It will break your heart a little. 💔 But friend, I urge you to take time to open your eyes 👀 and learn about what is happening while we freely go about our everyday lives.

If she can endure it, we can be brave enough to watch and learn. #ForHer #WithHer

Would you like to host a party this month with me to help me reach my goal of donating $500? Comment below if you're ready to go ALL IN to raise awareness of and prevent human trafficking.

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