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I'm wondering about all the wondering.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I'm kidding!!! Sorta. I'm writing this post so you can stop wondering about the wondering. But I DO want you to keep wondering. This will make sense, I promise.

If you've taken a moment to browse the homepage of my website, you have seen that there are several references to "wonder". I have listed the noun and verb definitions of the word. I've added a quote about wonder. I've inserted a graphic similar to the image above. I have a gallery of photos I've taken that evoke the little wonders in my world.


I didn't make the connection until I sat down to write this post, but I think I've been drawn to the concept of wonder for a lot of my adult life. Back when my sons were little, I kept a blog to document our family life. It was written on the original Blogger platform and was called "A Day of Wonders". On that blog, I had the song "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas playing on loop when you opened the website. (I love that song. It makes me cry every time to this day.) That many years ago, I'm sure my affinity for the word was largely driven by my two precious boys growing up before my eyes. Being near the littlest humans cannot help but eke out a sense of wonder in even the toughest cynic.

This many years later (and having just had a birthday that starts with 5) I am finding that retaining a sense of wonder is an essential component to helping me feel young and vibrant. I can honestly say that I don't feel older than 29. I think it's because I have continued to find life wonder-full, and also because I have not stopped engaging in the act of wonder-ing.

In my current role as an instructional coach in an elementary school, I have the unique pleasure of being able to see and experience classrooms with all ages of children. I am saddened when it seems hard to find the sense of wonder in our older elementary students. I wonder if it's something we adults have inadvertently hammered out of them with our rigid structures, boxed curriculum and insistence on largely teacher-centered instructional practices. I am also saddened when the active sense of wondering seems lacking in the adults around me. So many teachers seem so frustrated and overwhelmed by their jobs and their students. And I get it. It's a tough gig. I would argue that there are few jobs more difficult. However, the eternal optimist that occupies me so fully cannot help but wonder if an intentional pattern of wondering could be the elusive magic pill.

More on all this is sure to come in future posts. For now, my friends, keep wondering......

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