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Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Month

I'm planning to highlight various social justice issues that are near and dear to my heart every Saturday here on the blog. Today is the first official #SocialJusticeSaturday post.

Did you know that January is Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Month?

Today I'd like to highlight an organization in my neck of the woods that is working to support survivors of sex trafficking, trauma and addition. Magdalene Omaha is a sister organization to Magdalene Nashville and Thistle Farms, the largest survivor-run small business in the United States.

Did you know.....

➡️ On average each MONTH 900 unique individuals are sold for sex in Nebraska

➡️ Of that 900, an average of 675 of these individuals are sold for sex in the Omaha metro area

➡️ Each of those individuals may be sold multiple times a day

➡️ In the majority of these transactions, force, fraud or coercion is involved, meeting the legal definition of trafficking.

Magdalene Omaha exists to deliver HOPE and LOVE to survivors as they begin their journey to authentic healing.

I have two ways for you to make an impact and show some love to people right in our area who are on their path to healing.

First....... visit the Magdalene Omaha website to see how you can use your time or financial gifts to help with their mission.

Second, join my Trades of Hope team in our JOY drive for #JusticeJanuary. We are accepting monetary donations via Venmo towards gifting the women of Magdalene Omaha with some love. Money collected will be used to buy journals and/or cereal box bead bracelets which will be delivered to Magdalene Omaha at the end of the month. No donation is too small as the money will be pooled to purchase these gifts.

My Venmo is @Laura-Kelly-205 - please put "Magdalene Omaha" in the notes.

THANK YOU for your presence here and willingness to learn more about this issue.

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