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a skirt for all seasons

Purchasing a Francis + Benedict skirt is an investment. For those of us in Western culture who are used to cheap clothing and fast fashion, it can seem difficult to justify the price tag.

However, I ask you to consider THIS when you make a clothing purchase:

What is the VALUE of this piece? What is it's WORTH?

There are a multitude of ways to measure value and worth. For me at this point in my life, living in alignment to my personal values requires that I consider the human factor when purchasing clothing. Although I spent decades not thinking for a moment about who made my clothing, I now find myself unable or unwilling to make a purchase unless or until I can be sure that it was ethically made.

Were the garment workers paid fairly? Do they have a living wage? Do they have safe working conditions? Do they have reasonable working hours? Are mamas able to stay with and provide for their babies while still doing this work?

If the answer to these questions is NO, then to me, this clothing item does not represent the VALUE and WORTH I'm looking for in my wardrobe.

Back in the day, I was a 4-Her. Always drawn to fashion, I frequently participated in a project called Clothing Selection. In this project, we had to select an outfit and wear it for a judge. We then had a conference with the judge about how we made our selection in relation to many factors. One of those was cost per wearing. They asked us to imagine how often we would wear the outfit and to divide the cost of the outfit by this number to determine the cost per wearing.

Obviously, the more you wear a piece of clothing, the more value it has in your closet in terms of cost per wearing.

Today's post shows you how you can have true "cost per wearing" value by styling your skirt for all seasons. Let's take a look.

Fall + Winter Styling

I'm a rule follower in some ways, but a fashion rule breaker in many ways. Here I've paired a striped knit top with my Katherine Midi. Add black tights, black booties, and black belt (and maybe a black scarf) and this outfit is perfect for cold weather. Earrings from Trades of Hope.

Another variation of this theme is a cream knit top from Elegantees paired with a brown belt, cognac Chelsea boots (from Nisolo), a knit beret from Liv Brave AF and my fave Moonstone Hoops from Trades of Hope.

And a final fair trade styling includes the Audrey Top from Trades of Hope, Lee Boots from The Root Collective, black belt, and Truth Earrings and Sea Glass Necklace from Trades of Hope.

spring + summer styling

First up, a plain white t-shirt (memade using a Greenstyle Creations sewing pattern), denim jacket, Luna Hoop earrings from Trades of Hope, and sandals from Swedish Hasbeens.

A variation of theme: Navy t-shirt (memade from a Greenstyle Creations pattern), Zanmi earrings from Trades of Hope and navy Swedish Hasbeens.

I LOVE the graphic t-shirt with a bright skirt. This tee is from Liv Brave AF and I've paired it with Diversity Hoops, Venture Cap and Everyday Crossbody bag, all from Trades of Hope.

Can you just picture this pairing on a hot summer day? I can!! Low ponytail, hat or no hat, Inverted Capiz earrings from Trades of Hope, black tank and gray yoga sandals from Skechers.

What do you think? Are you starting to see the closet value of just one skirt?

How does it feel to know WHO made your clothing? Did you know that in the pocket of every Francis + Benedict skirt is a slip of paper signed by the seamstress? Did you know that these ladies now have income that allows them to feed their children and send them to school?

Don'f forget the global ripple effects that happen as a consequence of your purchasing choices. Slow fashion is the way to go to effect positive change.

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